Comment: On a side note...If I go out

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On a side note...If I go out

On a side note...

If I go out and get a girl pregnant on a one night stand tonight, why should the government pay for the abortion? Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

If I go out tonight and decide to ski the K-12, and wind up breaking my leg, should the government pay for that?

After skiing the slopes with my broken leg and all and I go out later tonight to bang some hooker and get an STD, should the government pay for the treatment?

Government (Taxpayer) funded abortions MUST STOP!

Bill Gates, yes...the Microsoft guy, his father was the man behind Planned Parenthood.

Why do they call it, "Planned Parenthood?"

Shouldn't they call it, "The Planned Government Subsidized Abortion Clinic?"

Why should I and other American citizens have to pay for your own created dilemma?

If I were dumb enough to go out to a bar, get loaded, attempt to drive home and accidentally killed your husband, mother, father, son, daughter, niece, nephew, uncle, or aunt in an auto wreck, should the government pay for what I have done?

The same logic applies to abortion....but the people involved actually have a real CHOICE in the matter.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.