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Comment: As a consumer, and as a business owner, I oppose this tax.

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As a consumer, and as a business owner, I oppose this tax.

My post today:

Do you know what the Markeplace Fairness Act of 2013 is? It is a bill in the US Senate (S.336) that will force companies that sell goods over the internet to collect Sales Tax for your State. You may think that this is a good thing – more money for your community. After all, we need all the Sales Tax dollars we can get to run our Cities and our States, right?

Those companies which would be required to collect Sales Tax, would also have to hire extra personnel to do the associated tasks. Not only that, but if they are accountable to the States for tax collections, then they are subject to audits by those States. How would you like to have your company audited by California in August, Illinois in September, Michigan in October, and so on? Each State's requirements would have to be met. There is a tipping point to profitability, and when they decide government mandates are interfering with that, some companies say “ENOUGH!”

This would eventually become another huge multi-layered bureaucracy of intrusion. Stop this beast before it consumes us all!