Comment: thanks for posting this.

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thanks for posting this.

I love that man....

He is right about that of course. I don't know the man as a 'person' in my life. He does not know me. I have seen him speak in person several times, shook his hand and spoke a few words, got my picture taken with him, had him sign some books for me. I have seen every video of his that I found and read a huge portion of what he has written. I know his character so the rest is predictable, pretty much. I trust him. Thought hard on the things he's said all along, until I understood them.

Some of the things he says might seem harsh, until you really understand Agenda 21, free markets, debt, Fiat currency, the Golden Rule.

It's not the man himself (though I'm sure he is wonderful), it really is his message. There were a few things I did not necessarily agree with before, but I do now. The reasons are so much clearer now that I have poked my nose into the mechanics of politics.

Never, EVER before have I felt love/respect for a politician. I suppose it's the same feeling people of the generation before me felt about Kennedy. Never mind the politics, I am talking about emotion.

A side track from the angle of the domain name issue, just sentimental tonight.