Comment: I think they are setting Rand up.

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I think they are setting Rand up.

I don't believe Ron was ever seen as a threat towards the status quo ( I mean in terms of winning). Rand on the other hand, has been playing their game (and beating them at it) with startling precision. The only time he has ever been caught off guard or backed into a corner was that one Maddow interview early on. Those behind the scenes know that he's been raised by Ron and very likely holds the same exact views, regardless of how he presents himself to others.

My opinion is that that the filibuster pissed some people off and now the ultimate goal is to GET HIM OUT OF THE SENATE. This will be done by keeping him in the race, by giving him the impression that he has got it in the bag, until it is too late for him to defend his Senate seat. Yes, the filibuster did make him much more electable as far as the nomination goes, but they already have many methods of preventing that from happening when the time comes...they can keep him from talking at the debates, utlize the media to black him out or attack him, keep pushing Rubio, rig some votes here and there, etc.

Regardless of all that, I will still be working my ass off on his behalf in hopes that I'm just a paranoid conspiracy theorist ;) .

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies"