Comment: George W. Bush, Obama, and top officials in their...

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George W. Bush, Obama, and top officials in their...

administrations should be charged with "aiding the enemy", if convicted they would face a possible death sentence. The enemy being aided is the Saudi government, which is the ideological and financial safe haven for a global network of Sunni extremism, a.k.a. Al Qaeda. US and Saudi leaders play both sides of the War on Terror as a means to create perpetual war and profits for the Global Military Industrial Complex. Listen to the evidence provided by terrorism expert Alex Alexiev in the first link. He doesn't implicate US leaders, but the second link is an article about 911 families who filed a Trillion dollar law suit against the Saudi government for financing 911. James Baker's law firm, Baker Botts, defended the Saudi government. Baker was former Secretary of State under Bush 41.

These short clips are from a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on the Afghan/Pakistan region and Taliban funding.

PBS did a documentary called "The Man Who Knew". It's about John O'Neill, former head of FBI Counter Terrorism who quit the FBI because top officials would not heed his warnings about an Al Qaeda attack. He went to work as head of security at the World Trade Center and was killed in the 911 attack.

For more info check out the section "Closing the Loop on Terrorism" in the pdf file "Knowledge is Power". Here's the link: (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)