Comment: To your second point...

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To your second point...

That's Walter Block's theory on Evectionism.

Frankly, I find abortion abhorrent. Having said that... making a woman carry a baby to term from THE MOMENT OF CONCEPTION is not only impossible (you gonna have a fed in every bedroom drawing hormone levels on women right before they have sex?) ... but also immoral.

Here's a good thought experiment: if Rand's bill passes, what do we do with women that have an ectopic pregnancy? Embryo/baby is gonna die regardless, but that law would make it murder for the woman to have a medical abortion to keep from bleeding to death internally.

Seems like this plan wasn't thought out to the fullest extent possible.

More importantly: what in the world is Rand thinking? He was doing so well... bringing up Abortion is a sure fire way to shoot himself in the foot, unless his goal is to only get the GOP nomination and then risk losing the general.