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Yes that is true about the Brits...

They like everyone else want to feel safe.

Instead, they should be asking WHAT makes us safe? What makes society LESS VIOLENT?

The answer to that is fast and cheap justice. So, has the speed and cost of justice improved? Its been plotted on a graph for all to see.

Take two different cases:
1) Say your bicycle is stolen from you.
2) Say someone punched you in the face.

Now, how fast and how cheap was it to get justice?

That is, Brits can and SHOULD go over all their records to learn how fast and how cheap was it to get justice when these two typical crimes occurred in 1950, 1955, 1960, 1965, ....2005, 2010...

Plot that data out on a graph. Then note how fast and cheap that Government is delivering Justice. I submit that the answer to the question, "What makes society LESS VIOLENT?" is how fast and cheap justice is. That product, justice, is what good government provides.


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