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Interesting. So Ford

Interesting. So Ford evidently had reason to think that the average liability cost for a life was only $200K. That seems low, even for that time period. I guess this is what Uncle Miltie was getting at in his response - that the fact that Ford reasoned that it was more beneficial to leave out the $13 part indicated a failure in the courts to hold them responsible.

In my mind, both Moore and Miltie misdiagnose the problem. The limited liability corporation is an abominable creation of the govt, and is what leads to the type of mathematical rationalizing that Ford practiced here and that modern day corporations practice daily. What if the Ford decision makers were liable for manslaughter for producing a car that a court deemed unsafe? I don't think, if that were a possibility, they'd have left out the part.

If I were God, I'd tap mankind on the shoulder and suggest that we revisit two horrible legal constructs; the limited liability corporation and legally protected fractional reserve banking.

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