Comment: I did that? I blamed guns for injustice? I beg to differ.

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I did that? I blamed guns for injustice? I beg to differ.

I blamed something else, out of control power drunk cops.

And you said, "Nobody ever WANTS to face justice. Justice is something IMPOSED on you." --- well that much is true. But that point just begs the question, "how to go about imposing". I submit unarming the cops is the first step in the right direction. Why? Because it makes it harder to impose, as you say. That means community cooperation will be required/sought. That means justice may be better served.

Most of all, answering the question, "What decreases violence in society?" is one we should all do. I submit the answer is this: cheap and fast and forgiving justice. That is, its cheap to get justice, its fast, and its forgiving on the criminal. One way to look at it is to take two crimes. Say 1) bicycle theft, 2) Punched by someone. Then take all city police departments, poor over records sorting for just those two crimes. Plot the data starting in 1950, 1955, 1960, 1965,...2005, 2010. Plot the data against the scale in both terms of 3 criteria. How fast, how cheap, and how forgiving. I suspect you will find that the ratio to fast/cheap/forgiving makes for the most "peaceful" feeling city. Yet cities that justice takes a long time/ is costly/ and is unforgiving results in a city that 'doesn't feel safe'. Now you might want to ask, why 'forgiving'. I mean that in the following way. Penalty for stealing a bike, 1) cost of the bike times 5, 2) Cost of the bike times 10, 3) One year in jail. So from the above three, #1 is the most forgiving. Get my point.

Finally, you say its justice they fear.... well, to put a fine point on it... its fast, cheap, and ironically, forgiving justice they most fear. .... Now you might want to ask "why is that"? And that is a good question and the answer teases out from the data like this.... forgiving justice puts the criminal "back out there" with a reputation. That reputation follows them around. Meanwhile, "unforgiving justice" ie put away for say a whopping 5 years for stealing a bike, does not put the culprit "back out there" with a reputation for stealing bikes. Infact what has happened with our current state of unforgiving justice, ie long sentences for just about anything, is the OPPOSITE reputation has occurred where now the culprit has "prison cred" and "prison toughness" that people fear. Its a fear that people don't want to forgive and work with that person. Hence, unemployable excons ... again society does not "feel safer".

Think about it.


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