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I'm open-minded too

I ALWAYS look at every question with an open mind.

I have studied every religion of importance, and analyzed the claims and counter clams of evolutionists and creationists.

As such the predominance of the evidence leads me conclusively to disregard the hypothesis of evolution in the sense that most would ascribe to it.

Plainly 99% of those who believe in evolution do so strictly on faith, having themselves NO personal understanding of the so-called 'science' behind their faith, and have demonstrated in this debate no stomach to match wits with me by trying to defend their faith.

I have faith in that which has withstood the test of time, are there things that are not clear to me, of course, but in the big scheme of things the biblical creation story, AND all of the rest of biblical teachings provide a much more coherent and BEAUTIFUL thing to believe in, the BEST thing to believe in, the ONLY thing to believe in that provides any hope for the future of mankind.

Evolution is an ugly and base belief system that reduces humanity to it's lowest common denominator.

But like I said I am open minded and am willing to give you a chance to convince of the error in my logic.