Comment: Having sex with babies, and more - Judaism the perverse

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Having sex with babies, and more - Judaism the perverse

Here's an article published last year in the New York Post about a Rabbi giving a baby herpes.

The rabbi was sucking on the babies bloody penis - apparently they chew off the dick to "circumcise" people into Judaism.

So add that on top of all the pro-pedophile quotes that are in the Talmud about having sex with babies.

I use to read this thinking there is no way this could be going on without being widely reported and condemned - that it must be being made up by "bigots"; but it isn't being made up - that is how the big lie technique works. Something so horrible it "couldn't" happen.

This is the New York Post, just last year. I have a collection of equally outrageous articles from just the last ten years from mainstream sources. Just because it isn't widely reported and condemned, doesn't mean it isn't going on.

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