Comment: This was not a master stroke - it was giving himself a political

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This was not a master stroke - it was giving himself a political

abortion. Nothing good can come from this.

For one, I absolutely disagree with him. I am against abortion - but at the time of conception - that is the type of ass backwards, over the top thinking that kills a presidential bid. So basically the morning after pill is murder???

There is only one way to win the abortion argument - you need to compromise - not that I am a fan of compromising - but in this case - you have no choice. The arguments on both sides are valid.
One cannot claim liberty - and at the same time deprive a woman of her own liberty(both physically and mentally - for it is an opinion of when life starts - not a fact. It is funny the Christian right argues FOR science in this one instance - pretty hypocritical). However, you simply cannot be a civilized society if you do not value ALL life.

The argument then should only be at what week does it stop being a woman's choice and become an issue of protecting life. For me, I am no doctor, but I do know that conception is lunatic talk - it is a sure way to NOT get people into the liberty movement. I also know that if that baby can survive outside the womb - then that is pretty damn clearly murder as well.

For me, let's just talk about a compromise -and no - the far left and far right will not agree - but they never will - so lets pull in as many as we can.

This is a no win topic and he should stay the hell away from it.