Comment: First lets look at the unintended consiquence of abortion

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First lets look at the unintended consiquence of abortion

In a society where the current generation pays into a thing called social security so that the previous generation can retire in their old age, an unintended consequence of abortion is that the children you did not take care of will not be able to take care of you, furthermore, it is highly likely that if things get worse economically that the government will euthanize the generation of people that started this abortion mess. there is no telling how many innovators we have killed.

If you ended abortion today, the consequences would be that the men would have to work more hours, and likely many many men would have to pay child support for a child they never wanted, and have to keep in contact with women that they only planned to use and abuse. Men in general have to take a lot more responsibility for their action, which should lead to more liberty in time. Women would have to take responsibility for their child or give them over to adoption, I know a child right now where his mom is a crack whore, she had him and never knew she was pregnant, she immediately called up her old pastor and he has adopted her baby, as far as I know she has not seen her child since, she is far too addicted to drugs. Things would in short order work out, as people quickly realize they will have to be responsible for their actions.

in the long term parents who end up having several more children due to an inability to snuff theirs out will likely have their children take care of them in their old age, as long as they are not complete morons. Every older couple that I know of that has 5 or more children, their children go out of their way to pay their parents way through life. just saying.