Comment: nobody knows, because it hasn't been tried, yet--

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nobody knows, because it hasn't been tried, yet--

nobody knows what would happen if people stopped killing babies (born and unborn; infanticide has been a HUGE problem for millenniam, and abortion has been around since the beginning, almost)--

war has destroyed many young people; manmade famines have devastated and killed many more, especially children--

nobody has ever tried living in peace and without greed--


There are always a few evil manipulators who want power and want everything for themselves, so the innocent ones will suffer--

and we won't know what it might be like if:

every baby were wanted
nobody ever wanted to kill another human being (or would allow themselves to be used as instruments of death by crazy/evil people, if such people exist)
everyone worked hard and at something that didn't destroy other humans

There would be no deserts; there would be no hunger--

but nobody knows, because it hasn't been tried, yet.

And does anyone every really use harmful drugs, because they think it would be fun (unless they have been brainwashed)?--

No, those drugs are used out of desperation and because human beings have unhealthy bodies and minds, because of . . .

evil manipulators--

I've never known a person who had enough good food to eat and good work to do who . . . used drugs--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--