Comment: Your comments probably don't even deserve a response

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Your comments probably don't even deserve a response

But your comments are so off the wall I guess I feel compelled. From wikipedia -

Suction, metzitzah

Hemostat (center) is used to keep the two layers of the foreskin together so that they are cut and removed as one. The guard (top center) is slid over the foreskin as close to the glans as possible to allow for maximum removal of the former without any injury to the latter. The scalpel is used to detach the foreskin, and the underlying blue bag is a sterilization pouch for the metal tools. The tube (center left) was used for metzitzah
In addition to milah (the actual circumcision) and priah, mentioned above, the Talmud (Mishnah Shabbat 19:2) mentions a third step, metzitzah (suction) as one of the steps involved in the circumcision rite. The above Talmud writes that a "Mohel (Circumciser) who does not suck, should be dismissed from practice".[14][15]
Rashi on the Talmud explains that this step is in order to squeeze some blood from deep inside the wound, and to prevent danger to the baby.[16]
There are modern antiseptic and antibiotic techniques—all used as part of the brit milah today—which many say accomplish the intended purpose of metzitzah, however, since metzitzah is one of the four steps to fulfill Mitzvah, it continues to be practiced by many Orthodox and Hassidic Jews.[17] Jewish groups such as the Conservative Rabbinical Assembly do not consider metzitzah to be required by Jewish law[citatio

Claims that this is at all a sexual act are extremely and utterly wrong.

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