Comment: I liken this "sparring" to particle physics

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I liken this "sparring" to particle physics

where the "particles" are information. You smash these particles together and see what smaller bits break off. Then study those little bits and see if they can fit into your own information. Sometimes you just smash it into a wall, but there are also those rare moments when something new happens.

I just remember that no matter who I speak to, no matter what their opinion, they are ALL my brothers and sister on this round rock. My intention is to present my point of view as respectfully as possible without forcing anything down anyone's throat. You are 100% correct that Inspiration is the key. Lead by example and Inspire those around you. Do not belittle them for their opinions if you would not want your own to be belittled. It's not a way of co-municating we're used to but it far more effective in the end.

I don't like the term "schooling" someone because I don't consider myself a teacher in a position to school others. Rather, I find myself to be a student of life and never trap myself into rigid beliefs. "The only constant is Change" as the saying goes, helps me to remember that we must always be open to new ideas, to new thoughts and new experiences because that is the natural nature of existence. There are no experts in any field because no one will ever get it 100% right. Anyone who thinks so is failing to remember the Only Constant.

The less bound we are by our collected beliefs, the further ahead we are when faced with new information to collide with and watch the sparks fly :)

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin