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Comment: Proverbs 16:11

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Proverbs 16:11

Don't know if you're religious, but just in case, everything I'm going to say comes down to Proverbs 16:11 which is a one liner, while I'm more verbose, here :

Well, I don't find usury moral either. But that's just my Christianity.

Should I have enough money to invest in creating something, a bank would probably not even appear on my list of options. Or I'd have to hurt my self-esteem and divorce my wife, another Christian, even less forgiving on that matter.

That said, it's bankers' problem to have an immoral job. NOT MINE.

But I don't confuse bankers and usury who HAVE been around for milleniums, with those "creatures" in white collars we have today, EVEN MORE DISGUSTING, inspired by Babeuf, Robespierre, Proudhon, Marx, you name them. It's just they DO NOT LOOK LIKE SO.

Still, changes nothing about THEIR TRUE NATURE.

I KNOW DAMN WELL what collectivism, socialism, and plunder BY THE STATISTS looks like.

Here's the P.O.S elected as "my president" - I/they can thank democracy and tyranny of the 51% against the 49% :

Destroying MONEY AND LANGUAGE, before moral values, are the first milestones in THE PLANS of the collectivists LEECHES to create misery and then propose big state, centralization, big government, and an overwhelming VOLUME of laws to "manage" the very problems they create by denying people's freedoms, responsibilities, and self-reliance.

They want to RULE, PLAN, MANAGE over people - because they cannot create... S H I T.

They can only STEAL, PLUNDER.

Sorry my sources disappoint you. I like Wikipedia : it's written by various people who at least can dispute each others' edits. Maybe you prefer Academia and "experts"?

Watch out for that dude named Paul Krugman, then :

On fiat money, since you ask for facts, maybe more visual and useful to get my points ?

I fail to see any soundness in these charts : DO YOU ?

Do you think that I believe I had if only a bit of "money" on my checking account even when the balance was in the ten thousands USD ?

You get two chances to guess for yourself about the answer I might give you :

And better yet :

(Already a classic for those who don't get everything from the TV ... but also consider the people and reality around them.)

Central banks and fiat money are PURELY FRAUDULENT COLLECTIVIST TOOLINGS to facilitate the rest of the planners' ideas FOR LARGE SCALE PLUNDER.

Just LIKE THE POLICE STATE to "protect" the people. Yeah, right. Or Perverted Laws. Other examples of tools they have in their arsenal.

Central banking and fiat money are INDEFENSIBLE. As History has PROVEN us.

Period. No way either can ever work, no matter the form, and that's all I was trying to say in that post and its wink.


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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius