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Danger is real, Fear is an option

Fear clouds judgment, creativity, intuition, thoughtfulness, even Love; all of which are necessary to find solutions to the Dangers we face.

I had a thought the other day about the phrase "think positive" and realized that as well-intentioned as that phrase may be, it is very misleading. One cannot THINK positive; one can only Think THEN have an emotional response to the thought that is either positive or negative. Two people may think of a puppy and have two completely different emotional responses to it. One may say, "awwwwwww, so cute!" while the other may experience anxiety and fear of the animal due to some past experience. So I believe that a more accurate and useful way to say it is, "First BE (or FEEL) Positive, THEN Think."

I have made far better choices in the last few years with that principle. Remove the negative emotions first, then allow yourself to contemplate whatever it is you need to work through. It's where things like 'Stop and count to 10' come from, where you deliberately stop yourself from the momentum of negative emotion (sadness, anger or fear), use the power of your mind to THINK of things that induce positive emotions, and dive back in.

On a global level, dealing with these dangerous institutions that inspire fear in their own respective ways, it becomes clear that we cannot "fight" them from the same space they have pushed us into. We must rise above the Fear so that we may look down upon them with Love and even Appreciation for being such a stark contrast to the abundance of Good in this life. "They" just have bigger and louder "toys" but they themselves are smaller men.

I feel the changes coming, and many are already unfolding in their own subtle ways. The world is becoming transparent thanks to the information technology we have today. Sure, we are made to Fear it as the surveillance state but it also becomes a place where evil can no longer hide and pass through the shadows as easily as before. And as the Light shines on these shadows, they scatter, condense and become more Visible, as we see happening today. And you are right clynbrit, it will not stop. The momentum has already become too strong.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin