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I don't think

God is a factor in this. I believe people will do what they want when they want whether or not "God gives them over to their stupidity." Many young people were not taught right from wrong when it comes to even the most basic of human rights, life. Luckily I was, and I am not a Christian, my parents are. They do not want to admit that a beating heart means life because once they do they will know that what they will or have committed is murder.

They become dense in their minds from being content with their current knowledge. It is a safe knowledge that frees them from responsibility. Young people hate responsibility. I should know, I am fairly young, and I see people around me saying, "there are no more consequences for sex."

My brother did the right thing when he got his girlfriend pregnant 13 years ago. He married her, and did the right thing. He is a man who has conviction. Where is the integrity anymore? It is scarce.

-Matthew Good