Comment: I checked out the link to the UN slavery policy

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I checked out the link to the UN slavery policy

It's interesting that an anarchist would cite a global governance organization like the UN to support their argument.

Apparently you didn't take the time to read "Knowledge is Power" because if you had, you would know that I oppose the modern forms of slavery opposed by the UN. And you would also know that globalization and "free" trade, which promote the growth modern forms of slavery, are functions of the WTO. Globalization and the WTO represent overt attacks on the sovereignty of nation states and the universally accepted notions of morality they enforce. So it's no surprise that anarcho-barbarians are big supporters of "free" trade, i.e., trade that is free from universally accepted notions of morality.

Regarding the Civil War, southern states voluntarily seceded from the Union because they feared that new states opposed slavery, would eventually use their majority in Congress to abolish slavery in the south. (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)