Comment: same could be said about war

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same could be said about war

if we stopped all war, what would we do with all those people?

But there is a good chance then next cure for cancer, or a new cheap fuel source creation, or maybe a new way to travel through space has been aborted.

But if you want to use abortion as birth control that's a little sick, so inconsequential sex has no limits, but it's okay to snip the spines of babies or have them crushed and sucked out through a vacuum instead of simply getting birth control or wearing protection.

Wow we have really went backwards in this country.

What statistics show is that after Roe v Wade, people have been more careless about having sex and getting pregnant. It use to be rare to see an unwed mother before the 1970's, now it's common place. Abortions were rare and back alley then, now they are common place and it's estimated that 30'times more woman die from getting abortions than when it was illegal, strictly mass number of abortions in that stat.

The old coat hanger days are gone forever, with the advent of the RU486, and similar drugs used for abortion a few weeks later rather than just days which can be purchased on the net in private.

The radical left would have you believe it's a freedom to abort, but freedom to exist once a person is created is the highest possible freedom.

Society and the law shouldn't make abortion legal or pay for it with tax dollars, a woman has birth control, can say no to sex. A woman also has the power of life and death with today's laws, that doesn't make it right, but it's the law.

Changing the law would not stop abortion, just like making murder illegal doesn't stop murders, but it would slow it to a trickle and get the United States out of the culture of death that it's in now, with endless wars, mass suicides, mass shootings etc. When we cherish life we cherish all life and that's starts from protecting the most innocent in the unborn.