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How long before

We the People stop putting up with this institutional criminal activity from cops and bureaucrats? When are we going to stand up and begin systematically bring these criminals justice? Crime is crime. It does not matter if you are in a funny uniform on or not. To all you "good" cops out there who lack the spine to work with We the People to bring the psychopaths to swift and complete justice you are just as guilty as those who unjustly injure another. To those who are on a jury that ignore equal justice under the law and reinforce unlawful immunities for these criminals you are the ultimate destroyer of domestic tranquility, for you do not hold sacred the concept of equal justice under the law and through your ignorance enslave and endanger all of us. We need to independently form intelligence and investigative bodies that will systemically identify these insane armed and dangerous criminal cops and bring them to justice. We need to build dossiers on these criminals to know everything about them, form squads to follow them if necessary to gather the necessary criminal evidence against them and give them and their criminal handlers (police chiefs, supervisors, sheriffs, judges, etc) fair notice that systemic tyranny is crime and protecting these criminals will result in the long arm of the law reaching them too. We need people to independently and asymmetrically begin the long task of identifying every detail of these criminals activities and locations and let them know we are watching everything they do and inform them that they are targeted for proper Justice. We need to do this both in the open and covertly and let them know that equal justice under law will be upheld and that we have every right to conduct our criminal investigations against those who intentionally harm and terrorize others no matter who they are.

It is clear that the psychopathic cops/bureaucrats are by far the biggest threat to the security and tranquility of the People in all the land. We should have no mercy on these criminals and seek the death penalty ruling by a jury for the criminals who kill or permanently injure anyone. Just doing your job is not an excuse when mens rea is clear and their mens rea lies in their thirst to forcefully control another human being. They say they are enforcing the law but when one examines their activities they are breaking the law every second they are on the job if by nothing else simply from being paid in Federal Reserve Notes a direct violation of contractual oath to the Constitution. These criminals are BY FAR the single biggest danger to all people in this country.

For those of you who defend cops in general I ask; if they are good cops why are they not only responding to the requests of We the People whom they serve? They will commit extortion on a daily basis by forcing people into some form of contract whether ID, Citizenship, "tickets/citations", or any form of forced obligations that doesn't meet the elements of a valid contract. They have been waging the longest war in the history of the United States against We the People, the war known as the War on Drugs. This is levying war against us and is treason.

We know the system will collapse because the Federal Reserve Debt Note is mathematically guaranteed to fail and this is the sustaining life blood of these corporate criminal tyrants. So yes the SHTF will eventually happen by design. I recommend We the People prepare for this by identifying these criminal tyrants in our locales and prepare for proper and swift justice against these criminals when the time comes or when sufficient proof is collected. This tyranny must not be allowed to continue. Cops used to be looked up to and respected for their lawful service to the People. Now this respect is gone because I think most People in America at this point have experienced or know someone who has experienced the tyranny and actual injury of these out of control psychopathic criminal control freaks. They are barbarians and should be treated accordingly. For those of you who defend their behavior may the chains rest lightly upon your wrists....

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...