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Comment: It's a bureaucratic mess.

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It's a bureaucratic mess.

After watching the video, I was curious if there weren't already laws against such abuses. What I found was all these different laws pertaining to different animals and in different situations (apparently leaving a lot of loopholes). Plus, in this case, two countries are involved. So for instance, re the 36-hour trip, while the U.S. has laws about the maximum length of time you can transport horses (28 hours) without unloading them for rest, water, and food (for 5 hours), that law wouldn't have been broken *while* the trucks/horses were still within the U.S. Now as to re-opening slaughterhouses, I had the same thought. A problem there is that we don't allow slaughter of horses for human consumption. One issue is that animals raised for food have certain laws re diet/drugs and are inspected throughout that process - from farm to slaughterhouse to ensure standards are met (at least in theory!); whereas, the horses headed for slaughter (in the clip) were workhorses or racehorses, in any event, not raised for food consumption. So... it's not as if they could be slaughtered here *with* their current intended purpose. Still, there's got to be an answer. What's happening now is unconscionable.

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