Comment: This is a great interview done by Ben,

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This is a great interview done by Ben,

and we must continue to support and encourage his 'true' fearless journalism. Unlike, AJ and others, he doesn't try to preach his own views and theories on us, he only tries to do what a 'true' journalist does, report what actually transpires without prejudice. I hope more courageous journalist will begin to stand against the Zionist controlled media complex and report the truth to people. Way to go Ben!
I am going to send this to all the misguided war supporters I know, but I doubt they will beleive what Emilio is saying. They will say, how do you know he isn't controlled by the Syrian government? It's really amazing how Christians support the killing of innocent civilians, because their leaders of government may dislike our government, Israel's government, and have to use strong tactics to quell the many religous factions who would be in eternal conflict if left alone? We may not agree with the ways these foreign leaders control their countries, but we don't know what really transpires in these countries. Furthermore, while many are cheering to topple these dictators, our government is constructing a similar style governance in America, were if we don't follow the rules created by these dictators, we are imprisoned or possibly droned!