Comment: Agree with vinceableworld.

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Agree with vinceableworld.

Agree with this! The powers that be (powers that were, actually) LOVE keeping you in fear. Fear is their greatest weapon. That's why they allow the Alex Jone's of the world - the fear masters. It is not sticking your head in the stand, it has powerful energy attached to it. For example. Someone tells you there are millions of caskets, and terror creeps into your mind. You then go project that fear onto someone else, maybe by repeating the story or projecting it in the form of anger. That is powerful in it's effects.

Clarity for decisions come from the peaceful, silent space within you, not from fear which leads to reaction. It's not necessary for any new fear stories...we already know them all. You can't believe any of what you are hearing now...there is so much going behind the scenes. So many indications the bankers are coming DOWN.

NOW is the time to take up the profoundly wise and clear space that is the true nature of everyone, and let your decisions flow from that. I am now on several sites where they are limiting fear talk and the atmosphere and clarity coming out now is POWERFUL. This should be BUMPED, BUMPED, BUMPED!

THANK YOU IN-vincableworld.