Comment: So I guess I'll prep you to meet Hank.

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So I guess I'll prep you to meet Hank.

So what can you expect when you talk to Hank?

Very down to Earth, kinda plain and natural, very pleasant. Conversation can go anywhere but Hank enjoys talking about food, we keep making these plans to hook up at various restaurants but so far some schedule conflict always pops up.

Last time Hank missed a date he said they were busy compiling this year's hate-list. For real. We missed lunch because Hank was busy putting everybody we know on their shibbit libbist. A real gag is me and Ernie Hancock ask them every year to be on that list and in jest, well only partially in jest Hank says "because we know perfectly well you WANT to be on that list".

But hey, when you open up lines of communication, you get these little gems. And that's them being honest with us and to have honesty you have to have trust.

Know what kinda solids up Hank's and my relationship now? We both went through the experience of having and losing a sick dad. It wasn't my politics or my native wisdom or anything I said or did but say aw crap, Hank, I'm going through the same thing over here and man is it hard. And I'm sorry.

Well that's what did it. In this instance our humaity overcame all this politics

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.