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Loved that Link, thanks for Sharing

Makes me want to wax philosophical.

There is never a problem in the present moment. The present moment may have a "situation" requiring a "solution" but never a problem. Problems come from the story you have about the situation. That is to say, a problem is created only in thought, in the mind (which is only a thought stream)

Therefore, Suffering can only come from the mind and no place else. You may have pain, but suffering is always your story about that pain. Only 100% of the time.

The origin of "scapegoat" came from the earliest jews who placed all of their "sins" on a goat and then drove the goat out of the camp so as not to be a reminder of their sins. So that's what we do with anger and fear...we find a "scapegoat" that we can project onto and then drive it away so it doesn't remind us of our guilt or fear.

There is a better way. See that guilt, anger and fear are only thoughts, that float through like clouds on a windy day. We can keep them around by our attention but if you just let them pass on through and not make them real, they are gone.