Comment: This post is textbook fallacy

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This post is textbook fallacy

Poster, you're begging the question....The terms of the question posed assume all the aborted children would have been conceived with or without easy abortion and the accompanying deterioration of sane family structure, rise of the welfare state, etc.

What would happen without easy availability of abortion (and the state paying people to have kids they can't take care of) is that men and women, put in the position of taking responsibility for their actions, would alter their behaviors.

A pregnancy that couldn't be easily terminated would be carefully avoided by people who didn't want children. Women "forced" to give birth in unfortunate situations, and men "forced" into fatherhood responsibilities they never wanted, would serve as warnings, and all the people now getting pregnant recklessly would be very focused on birth control, and on real family planning.

The 55 million births you claim would take place is more or less a random guess on your part. Likely, only a tiny fraction of those births would take place if people knew there was no easy out once they got pregnant....And the births of that number that did take place would be far more likely to be to people with realistic and healthy goals.

The rape argument is total bunk too. That's the same as the argument that a pretend terror threat cancels basic rights. You don't name a random crisis and use it to set everyday standards.