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Comment: Just pointing out that Ford

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Just pointing out that Ford

Just pointing out that Ford never took bailout money. I personally will never buy a new foreign vehicle...but that is based more off of personal family tradition than any real free market principal....think about buy say a Toyota new....that means you pay say $35k to Toyota of Japan....but thats USD you are paying....the only thing Toyota of Japan can do with USD is buy either oil or American products...if it werent for us being the world reserve currency every dollar we spend on a foreign product comes right back to us....except for those spent on oil and even that eventually comes back to us. Its the oil issue that prevents me from buying foreign though. Buy what suits your for me if that includes a new vehicle that vehicle will always be American...its a myth that may have been true in the 80s that foreign vehicles are better. I am an ASE certified mechanic...I know better.Used vehicles are completely different...any used vehicle you buy the money will stay local or even if sent to some other country it will recycle back unless you are buying from an oil company.