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Comment: We would do well to learn from the 5 Star movement in Italy.

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We would do well to learn from the 5 Star movement in Italy.

I agree Vince.Here's my 2 cents.
Bepe Grillo is the most outspoken of it's leaders right now.
The 5 star movement is making much more headway than we are here.
I am studying them recently and they are definitely on to something BIG.We keep letting our message get railroaded by keeping too many efforts and resources in the republican and democrat party diabolical dialogue. We must transcend PARTIES.We truly need some leaders but at the same time we need to act when needed without waiting for some official order.
Let our conscience be our guides on what we do as individuals to make a difference as Ron Paul has shown us.
We need to stop being on the reactive all the time and start an offensive for liberty now.This is where leadership is required most-What is our action plan? What is our agreed upon principles and agenda? Can we agree on a schedule of tasks to turn this ship around? Can it be turned around or should we all just hunker down and head for the hills?
It is high time to actively save this country; we should not be placated because we have a few small victories for liberty under our belt.I feel the threats against liberty are now more than ever and are intensifying exponentially-drones,2nd amendment violation,bill of rights violations, etc. etc.
But who will stand on that line and lead?Will they just be picked apart? Can we start to form some leadership and have a mechanism to overcome the infiltrationof TPTB?
We all must in our own talents and ways support the cause of liberty.
The Idea whose time has come must persevere and lead from the front.
May we all RISE and do our part. Godspeed and Godbless all who read this.

Opresso De Liber
Life,Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!
Conscious of Our Creator and Source of our Liberties.