Comment: get a used 1997-2008 Ford

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get a used 1997-2008 Ford

get a used 1997-2008 Ford F150. The V6 4.6 is a great motor. If you're pulling anything not too heavy, the 5.4 V8 works great.

If you're pulling heavy stuff like a 5th wheel, large horse trailer, big boat, etc...look at the 1999-2007 F 250. The V8 gas is a good motor, but bad gas mileage (what do you expect). I've read horrible reviews about the 6.0 diesel...and most people seem to love the 7.3 L Turbo Diesel. That will get better gas mileage, of course diesel is about 20-25% more expensive right now.

With a can even set up to make your own biodiesel.

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