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Comment: We need to find leaders amongst ourselves.

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We need to find leaders amongst ourselves.

Almost ever single "leader" that has come down the pike in the last few years has had some pretty deep pockets.

We should find someone who is DEAD BROKE because they don't want to be anywhere NEAR any FED NOTES. Rich people have no clue how the 99% live. How can they be trusted to tell us what's good for us (even if they had the power granted to them which they don't).

HANG ON NOW... I'm not talking about the Rich folks who made it legit!

You can't care about cash and at the same time be focused on saving this country. Obviously I'm virtually forced to use them in very limited circumstances but my economic foot print is probably an average of 100 FED NOTES per month.

(We should probably stop calling them dollars. A dollar is a unit of measurement... of POSITIVE measurement).