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Yes I'm aware of that

Not the "supposed to" malarky, of course, since no government ever has a legitimate authority to issue money. Free markets, and no interference, in all things including banking.

That "homework" you're talking about is nothing but NWO agitprop designed to trick a generation's worth of useful idiots into pointing fingers of blame away from the NWO. "Banksters" are not behind the ongoing global scam, they are merely tools like politicians and bureaucrats.

The reason Morgan et al tried to get an Act passed for their central bank scheme was their thorough understanding that a central bank is something that cannot exist under natural societal conditions (i.e. freedom of commerce & trade), that their "bank of banks" would have gone bankrupt inside a month if left to the competition of the free market (i.e. it would have attracted zero customers). No, coercion was necessary, and as always there is only one thing in existence that can create a monopoly: that very government which useful idiots parroting NWO Change Agents like Ellen Brown insist must be in charge of money supplies.

Just like marxians, today's useful idiots -- including self-professed libertarians -- are claiming that a government-created monopoly which is hurting them is evidence of "private market conspiracy." Rubbish, of course. Anyone who believes that evidence of fraud within the term "central bank" is the word "bank" instead of the word "central" is someone who has been swindled NWO-style.