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You nailed it Tam

In a free-society you could easily get away with the murder of the elderly or the young -- because in a free-society the remains of an individual are not "owned" by the public (force-agency - gov't); therefore, you could say whatever, bury the body on your own property and no one could trespass.

A free-society is a 100% Defend-Yourself-Society.

However -- in a free-society there is TREMENDOUS value on children, the elderly, and women. Only when these people are property of the state or property of head-of-household do they have less value.

In a free-society Innovation/Ideation and R&D are the only ways to create profit-bursts -- In that type of society, the wealthy are dependent on these idea-guys and most innovation comes from the poor and middle-class community -- and with tech, it comes increasingly from 16-24 yr olds.

The wealthy will want "more" people -- not less; because you just don't know who your Einstein is going to be.

The elderly will be valuable as educators -- retirees (whose mind is still sharp) are the obvious choice to be teachers -- they have life-experience. They will also work for less-pay, may even volunteer. They will also be the wealthiest people because there is no gov't retirement plan in a free-society so they've been saving all their lives -- saving comes first. So their children and relations and local community are going to be EXTRA nice to them.