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Comment: Detroit - eliminate the office of public prosecutor

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Detroit - eliminate the office of public prosecutor

90% of crimes aren't real crimes that need to be in the court system anyway, they are made up crimes without victims.

Detroit can go back to the system this country had when it was founded. "Public prosecutors" didn't exist in the way it is today. People who were the actual victims filed their own complaints, and where called the "prosecutors". Such a system saves a lot of money. Criminals like those in public office aren't shield by "public prosecutors", crimes "against the State" can't exist - because no one can file them because "the State" isn't a real person, and if someone doesn't want to press charges, they don't have to.

I recently posted an example of what a "prosecutor" is from the book Oliver Twist, where prosecutor means the victim who is filing charges. "Public prosecutor" is an unrecognizable term from that time period - and the definition - and need - for a "public prosecutor" has been changed.

Eliminate the office.

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