Comment: I rode the bible bus for the whole 5 years

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I rode the bible bus for the whole 5 years

With Dr. J Vernon McGee the last centuries PRE-EMINENT Protestant biblical scholar.

I also majored in philosophy(well originally), and studied Aristotlean logic, deprogramming Christian cultists, Islam, The Hindu vedas, Darwinism, Communism, Christain apology and hermanutics, Catholicism, Mormonism, Masonry, the Illuminatti, and many other isms, in much detail.

You can believe that infantile bullcrap you believe and I will just keep KNOWING what I know and spreading the truth.

The so called 'theory' of evolution changes every year, maybe every day, which makes debunking it tricky, because by the time you catch the apologists in their most recent lie, they say that part of the 'theory' was not current with the 'science' of the day...