Comment: My suggestion: Kick their @ss!

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My suggestion: Kick their @ss!

It will be a hell of an uphill battle, but it is a state mandate that has set alot of horrible precedents. Should a person just barely making ends meat, and driving a rattle-trap, be mandated to pay a very significant percentage of their income to a private corporation? These laws have always been away to protect the property of the rich from the less fortunate. Here in Michigan the mandated insurance is no fault, with no limit on lawsuits, and therefore its VERY EXPENSIVE. I dont even try to insure it. Luckily I havent been pulled over for years, and if I do, I'll tell the officer I just cannot afford it, and hope to receive some empathy.

The worst part is the way that people who buy insurance do get their car damaged, and still dont submit a claim for repairs for fear of skyrocketing rates!

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