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Everything we do now, everything...

builds that snowball rolling downhill just a little bit bigger.

Moving away from fiat currency = build that snowball.

Moving away from gmo foods = build that snowball.

Moving away from the neocons = build that snowball.

Moving away from being less secure in our homes to a situation were we better arm ourselves against tyranny = build that snowball.

That snowball has been growing and growing and growing. The American people are behind it and not, in front of it. It will come crashing down. We all understand that. The question is when and where. I suggest it will first be against the lame street media whore propaganda and their illuminati backers and, then, against our tyrannical government. The mcinsanes, the grahams, the reids, the feinschteins, the bushes, and many more, will be first to feel the weight of the snowball's power and fury. May God have mercy on their souls because the American people, and their snowball from hell, will have very little compassion as it rolls over them and anyone connected to them.

What we should be doing is what we are doing. Growing, preparing, learning.

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