Comment: Matthews is constantly race

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Matthews is constantly race

Matthews is constantly race baiting and painting the Tea Party as Racist, as he just did again. "Guns for White Jews and You, Everyone Welcome" can be a bumper sticker Liberty Movement Outreach Program to start. That should get their attention, before the gun debate goes away.

This is how we prove to the race baiter's, racists, and haters we are sincere by starting this organization, we want Black people, Jews, and Hispanics to have guns too, yes we do;

Guns for "White Jews and You" is a new organization dedicated to stamping out racism, ensuring your Constitutional Rights, and making sure segregation and holocausts in America never happen again.

The promotion of 2nd Amendment rights and responsible gun ownership, sponsorship of training, and free gun distribution are hallmarks of the organization. All ethnic group gun ownership is sponsored.

The name of the organization is causing some outrage, but is on purpose and is meant to make a point.