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Did you infer I wanted

Did you infer I wanted something done about this?

I just pointed out these racist initiatives hurt the participant most.

I can also point out people that drug abuse or cutting is bad. It doesn't mean I would ever approve any attempt to limit a person's freedom on the excuse that they are bad.

This is an important point some people get really confused about. Libertarian are not necessarily libertines. Libertarians can believe in global warming or be against pot or any other silly thing statists tend to favor. A libertarian who believes these things just doesn't believe the appropriate way to get you to agree with their idea is ever a badge and a gun.

Pointing out bigoted racist behavior is bad doesn't mean I want a law to somehow forbid it. I'd have no cause for anything more than expressing disapproval in fact if a person only wanted to sell to blacks or buy from blacks at all. Nor whites for that matter.

But I still can express disapproval, and I do insist on it. I don't deny the right of others to be bigots but I do at least claim the right to express reproach.