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Comment: Generals, general makers, and followers

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Generals, general makers, and followers

You can examine history. If anyone can tell me of a movement that succeeded without a strong and revered leader, please do!

What I am saying here is mainly for you, “vinceableworld”, because I care about this thing you are pushing. I would say it belongs to you and will succeed if you can pull together a tight-knit conspiracy around the idea and keep it alive – otherwise it will succumb like an orphan on the sidewalk.

But there is more needed to get to that situation of a suitable general. I am going to point it out. And it is one of those strange situations where the more down votes I get on it the more it will confirm for me what I say. I am not in the US, but I can see a lot of what is going on. So some will use that to discount what I say and say it is worse somewhere else, which is irrelevant to your situation, even if true.

I said very much what you said on a post a couple of months ago and it was read by about 3 people, it seems. One of those down voted it because she seemed to think someone in the SS may have used it once; maybe words like "the" or "a". It does not matter, all she saw was a symbol someone had once used and went off on a tangent of identification that had nothing to do with what I was saying. The more I pointed out to her what I actually said, the more she harped on her identification process.

The vast majority in the US are still too lazy and cannot think for themselves. Even inside the liberty movement that is plain; even or especially when you read stuff on here.( In other countries this is true too -- but that does not solve your problems to say so). Some of the most incredibly wise and able people of contemporary times are within the liberty movement. This is almost tautology; why would anyone not want liberty and individual rights? But most of the people in the movement are too easily led by the media, even when they have agreed it is wrong and owned by the enemy. They are lazy and go by opinions garnered from sound bites and such, and will not take the time to examine hard evidence and are largely incapable of recognizing hard evidence when they see it.

That is why resources like Alex Jones don’t work for you when they should. If you read his stuff he will talk about something on a video; and then he will tell you where and how he has it documented. I have been there and checked. His documentation is excellent. Some do not find him endearing because he is brash and abrasive. But many more because the sound bite system has been used to discredit him. Or because someone was paid to come on here and say something to discredit him. The sound bites and the “undercover agents” are believed by a great many though their words disagree with the documentation he has sweated over. So he gets discounted for things he did not say and what he did say is ignored or unseen. If you take the great recent false flag of our time; he has tons of stuff that shows the prior knowledge of it by the highest officials, without a shadow of a doubt – I see almost nothing mentioned on here. Am I to believe that the opinions touted on here include his research? Ha, ha, bloody ha! Yet it is the single most comprehensive body of data on this I have seen.

If anyone says, now: “he is an Alex Jones fan” or “he is cherry-picking” or similar then they have missed the point and just confirm my viewpoints more.

I am talking about talking from facts and not about personalities. I am talking about thinking for yourself and getting priorities somewhat right.

You are going to have a tough time finding a general because of this set up. Someone just has to generate some sound bites or put some “helpful honest criticism” in here and a chunk of people in here, for example, are going to say “naw! Not him he does not believe in blah blah about homosexuals” ( or abortion, or whatever). Only a stalwart like RP can withstand that sufficiently in here, but not even outside of here as we have seen. The vast majority of people in the US had a wrong and poor opinion of him in the last election despite the stellar individual he is. They did not actually dislike him; they dislike who they think he is – WHY???? Because they depend on the media to think for them. For those of you like “vinceableworld” who would unify a force to stand up to the PTB you will, of necessity, have to overcome this liability.

The people in here are not anywhere near unified. They fail to see that even when they bitch and moan they have core principles they agree on. Their ability to elevate these core issues and agree to disagree on whether you ”should have homosexuals in the army, and if you do what are they allowed to talk about”, or other horse shit issues is emphasized extremely by its absence.

They emphasize the things they disagree on and severely discount what they do agree on. “yes we like Rand Paul but he voted for Romney” or whatever excuse to prevent being unified under a leader.

Unless you can get a core of real issues to agree on and a way to get people to fit in with this there is nothing to lead and no body of adherents to lead and no need for a leader and no way for him to lead if he aspires to it.

You have to crack this nut too if you want a leader: no matter what he says someone will come down on him and not notice that it is NOT a core issue with which you could conquer the universe, as it were.

You will probably have to resort to, and sink to, finding the right PR slogans that will pull the bulk of people together, for they are lazy and cannot think for themselves. Without these your leader – however great he may be -- will be shot down by the people within the liberty movement. Some are extremely clued up and extremely energetic – but it is too easy to shoot them down. I have seldom seen such an array of awesome people associated under one (kind of) banner. But the PTB are shooting them down with the greatest of ease and rubbing their hands in glee as the strongest force on earth, potentially, remains headless while they flourish and are run by some of the most evil crud one can imagine.