Comment: Dumb idea ...

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Dumb idea ...

... but since the Constitution is clear that each state can decide how they will choose electors, any state that passes this stupid bill can just repeal it later.

Any state could decide to flip a coin or go eeny-meeny-miny-moe.

Since it is EXCLUSIVELY a state power, each state legislature that was dumb enough to pass this can always change it back or to something else later.

Waste of time and a crap idea.

What about third parties? Why should national vote supersede anything?

Eliminates any power that people in small states would have. Eliminates any power that people in states with close elections would have.

Just get enough people in the biggest states to go one way and the vote is over.

America is not a "majority rules" kinda place. It is "majority rules ONLY when the minority's rights are taken into account" kinda place.

Terrible idea, and I fully support all 50 states (or 57 states, if you want to do Barry math) to repeal this stupid law and go back to proportionate appointment of electors.