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The problem I have with what

The problem I have with what Dylan and the Marine are doing is that it automatically starts by putting government and big business in a position of power. They work with government as Dylan stated and start with a grant from Whole Foods; meaning that without either of these entities they wouldn't be doing anything. This then puts a sense of dependency and gratitude to both government and business, and these people will therefore most-likely pay taxes to contribute to what shipped the marine off to war and what Dylan has been railing against. They are propping-up the broken system which they both are trying to disassociate with. It is like a perpetual-motion machine.

If this was done more Voluntarily without the help of government or business in a community which has been decimated; and an Agorist perspective of business was to be utilized. One could place government in a position whereby the people are being lifted out of poverty and if the government wants to collect "its" taxes it would have to force the people back into poverty. This would not be a good situation for government to find itself in. If anarchists were smart they would utilize this approach and take-over the run-down towns and cities decimated by bad government policies, and rebuild those towns and cities with Voluntaryist/Agorist policies and principles; thereby turning an entire town, which would have normally be a Liberal Progressive stronghold, into a Voluntaryist/Agorist stronghold.