Comment: Nice how they wait untill the last minute ...

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Nice how they wait untill the last minute ...

... "Umm ... hey guys ... looks like the banks are gonna be broke by day after tomorrow if we don't get massive money in the till."

They didn't KNOW how bad the top 2 largest banks in their country were until they were 48 hours away from insolvency???

It's a bad situation all around ... but it's more than that ... something is fishy about this whole thing.

I hope the banks open up and every last depositor pulls their money out and the whole thing blows up in the government's face.

At this point, people are going to lose money. Let's just hope that people figure out it was the lying politicians IN ADDITION TO the lying bankers who WERE OBVIOUSLY HIDING the problem.

I hope people see it is the GOVERNMENT in addition to the bankers who created this mess and who should be facing prison time.

And then ... I hope they figure out that free market solutions are the only answer (I know, I know ... but I feel like dreaming a little tonight).