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I have NO IDEA why this would be voted down!

Everything you said is true. It is impossible to win in the White House, mainly because the BILLIONAIRE BANKING ELITES control everything now, including the election process, especially now that over 1/2 of all the states have electronic voting machines that can easily be manipulated for the right outcome.

And, WHO CONTROLS the PRESIDENTIAL VOTE TABULATING MACHINE conveniently located OUTSIDE the USA in Spain? Why it's Balderton Capital, headquarters in London! And, who works inside this group of venture capitalism? TWO former EXECUTIVES at Goldman Sachs! What did Balderton Capital buy? They bought SCYTL, the presidential vote tabulating machine.

So, you see, we already live in a BANANA REPUBLIC. I suggest everyone go to Infowars today, and look at AJ's Operation Paul Revere contest and look at the one entered called . It is riveting.

Besides all this, I wouldn't trust Rand Paul for anything, not after what he did during his dad's election. You just CANNOT trust him. Look at how he treated so many of us! It was despicable.