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Obviously there are

Obviously there are descendants of the Hebrews but they no longer have any place within God's Kingdom unless they accept the new covenant.

"Have the people been cast out?"

Yes, read Galatians again - that is what it says. They were cutoff spiritually and physically - their bloodline means nothing today. God is not waiting for them to collectively declare Jesus as Messiah because they are no relevant.

The time of the gentiles is over, but assuming it wasn't, who exactly do you think is going to claim Jesus as the Messiah? Every Jew from the time of Jesus till today over a period of 2000 years who are now dead? Or just the "Jews" who are alive during the time when that of the Gentiles is over?

The 144,000 were the first fruits. If they haven't accepted under the New Covenant yet then no one has. Everyone is still waiting in the ground to go to be with the lord.