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Comment: Not true... This group and The New Republic are

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Not true... This group and The New Republic are

at the vanguard of the Political Correctness liberal crowd. They are the Daily Paul's mortal enemies. And don't expect the PC sellouts over at Reason to come to our aid when the attacks begin. They sold out Ron Paul for his RP investment newsletters and they will sell us out too, .... They are defining us libertarians as the following...

1) Against Israeli govt policies? = that is antisemitism

2) Against special government treatment for "people of color" or "ethnic minorities"? = that is racist bigotry

3) Against special government treatment for women? = that is sexist bigotry

4) Against paying a min.wage or 'living wage' to the poor? = that is a Selfish egotist

5) Against 'reasonable' government gun control laws? = that is a domestic terrorist

6) Against Federal Govt getting bigger (or for States rights)? = that is a neo confederate

So soon the liberal meme will be this, are you a libertarian? Then you are a neo-confederate, racist, sexist, heartless, anti-semetic, domestic terrorist. And as a self admitted domestic terrorist (you identified yourself as a libertarian) you should be sent to 'reeducation fEMA camps' for "national security reasons".

Most of all, when the PC police are out in force, there is no discussion, you're guilty as charged. They have redefined what racism is (1980s), redefined what sexism is (1980's), redefined what is a neoconfederate is (2000), and redefined what a domestic terrorist is (a libertarian) 2013.

Take this redefining of terms very seriously. I for one read the Ron Paul investment newsletters and thanks to them, it help me avoid the PC brainwashing and redefining of terms. Today the terms bigot and racist are nearly interchangeable without anyone being able to tell you the difference. Truly racist things come out of the mouths of liberals and racist segregating organisations get a pass as if its somehow not racist. Its all backwards and its all designed by the PC police to remove words and definitions from those that don't share their view point.

Political Correctness is obscene for the very reasons 1-6 above.


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