Comment: Ya one of the craziest 9/11

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Ya one of the craziest 9/11

Ya one of the craziest 9/11 things (besides tower 7 of course), is when the Air Force guy came in reporting to Cheney that the third plane (after tower 1 and 2 were already hit and we were clearly under "attack"), was 50 miles, then 30 miles, then 10 miles away from the Pentagon. Then asked Cheney in front of witnesses, "does the order still stand?" Presumably the order was NOT to shoot down the plane. The fact that this incident was never further investigated, along with the immediate destruction of all evidence at the crime scene, and the missing $2T from the day before, all indicate just how far gone the "media" is.

I remember always wondering in school "how did the slaves stay enslaved for so long when they clearly outnumbered the masters?" Then, "how did the Germans just go along with everything that Hitler was doing?"

Obviously these two groups did not fully understand the totality of evil of their rulers. Sometimes I wonder to just what degree evil is being committed in "our" name around the world.