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Comment: Bill Ayers,

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Bill Ayers,

Bill Ayers, anyone?

"Community organizer."


As if the NSA and DoD didn't already know about Obama's communist roots...of course they knew about it.

So why did they let him in the White House? Hmmm....

I'm just speculating, but perhaps the best way to catch and expose a spy - AND his Agenda - is by letting them enter into your capitalist trap. Such a plan takes MANY years, for both sides.

What if the hired liberal mainstream media ACTORS did a complete 180 after Sheriff Joe Arpaio fully exposes Barack Obama wearing no clothes?

How would the Communist International feel if they've been duped and soon to be double crossed by the, "liberal," media in America?

OBAMA EXPOSED AS A COMMUNIST you know how many newspapers, magazines, and advertising time that would sell?!!!

The most important story ever told...

Let's make history people. It's time to pull the rug out from beneath their feet and expose them for who they really are.

In 3..2..1...action!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.