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Comment: By their very actions...

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By their very actions...

the splc needs to be investigated themselves!

They ARE part of the problem and need to be held accountable for being the gestapo trainers that they are. Come to my house, splc, I've got something for you!

The splc is NOTHING but a privately ran non-profit organization of socialists and communists. They are funded solely by contributions and are nothing more than a group of thugs! Once, (in the VERY beginning) a worthy organization, they have denigrated into one of the premier hate groups against Liberty and Freedom in this country.

We, the people are NOT planning terrorist attacks. We are, however, planning to defend our country against terrorist outfits like yours. We, the people, with our Constitution and Bill Of Rights, will destroy you and your private gestapo thug partners for your attempt to unravel the fabric that is America.

Bring it on!

21st Century Patriots for the preservation of America.

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